In honor of World Suicide Prevention Day 2012, CAPAOC had a commemorative tree planted in Dundas Driving Park, Dundas Ontario.

The event began with a walk of hope starting at Grafton Square in downtown Dundas, walking up Cross Street to Dundas Driving Park, and leaving behind a trail of hopeful messages. A presentation was then made on the symbolism of doves, followed by a spectacular release of 38 white doves to commemorate the 38 lives lost to suicide in 2010 (the most recent year that statistics were available).





Next was a ceremony where the commemorative tree was presented, and the plaque marking the purpose for the tree was unveiled.








The acoustic stylings of Blake Bliss created a moving atmosphere, as ribbons were tied to the tree for loved ones lost to suicide. Blake also shared his own  experiences with losing two close friends to suicide, and the impact those experiences had on him and his life.






  The event was a very impactful experience for all who attended, and the commemorative tree will forever be a place of remembrance for all lives touched by suicide.

COAST - Crisis Outreach and Support Team
COAST is a mobile crisis team made up of Crisis Workers who can assist in a mental health-related crisis situation. If someone is in immediate crisis or emergency call 911 or if in crisis and needing support contact COAST.

Hamilton Region: 1-905-972-8338
Halton Region: 1-877-825-9011
Peel Region: 1-905-278-9036